Ironcraft is now on paperback!

For those who enjoy the feeling of paper running through their fingers while they have a pleasant reading, Ironcraft is now available in physical form (paperback) in Amazon!

Click on this link and enjoy!

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Ironcraft has been published!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that “Ironcraft” (ebook version) has been successfully published in Amazon!

“The Chronicles of Dumah” have been officially launched!

Hope to release the paperback version of Ironcraft very soon. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can access this link to purchase the ebook version!

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A book I would like to read

My most talented editor has just finished his first round of edits. The manuscript will undergo a second and final passing now.
As I revised his edits, I am firmly convinced that I have written a book that I would like to read. In this sense, I could not ask for more.
It is a very fulfilling and pleasant feeling. Hopefully, others will like it as well.
Stay tuned. Ironcraft will come out soon.
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Official Book Cover Reveal Video

I am excited to announce that the cover for the first book of the series is done! Watch my first teaser down below!


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Dumah, a world forsaken by the stars.
A Great Silence curses the land.
A princess is born in strange circumstances.
A secret lays hidden inside her.
What is it? And how can the Silence be broken?
Within these pages, a world of fantasy and myth awaits

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Inaugural Post

It is with great pleasure that I announce the creation of my new website: The Dumah Project. Even though “The Chronicles of Dumah” will keep its presence on several social media platforms, this website is meant as a hub for everything related to this project.

The website is still under construction, but expect new features and content to be added very soon. These will provide crucial context to the book series, like bestiaries, atlases, glossaries, and much more.

In fact, expect exclusive and non-published content to be released on this webpage, in the form of short stories and excerpts that will help build the lore and explain otherwise mysterious details in the novels. Though the books can be enjoyed on their own, only those who discover and explore this site will be rewarded with the full experience that I wish to bring to “The Chronicles of Dumah”.

This website will also allow readers to receive news about upcoming releases and to meet others with whom they may want to discuss the series. So please, subscribe to The Dumah Project, and receive our regular updates. We’ll be in touch!

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